Empowering Immigrant Women through job search: A Canadian Journey

I could sense Shilpa’s frustration as she shared, “I don’t receive any responses from hiring managers after submitting applications during job search.” We sat outside a downtown Toronto station, enjoying a warm cup of coffee from Tim Hortons on a sunny afternoon in May.
As she recounted her job search journey in Canada, her experience felt all too familiar. We were both newcomers to the country, though she had been here a few months longer than I. With a background in journalism and communications, backed by over a decade of experience in prominent Indian business publications, Shilpa transitioned into freelancing.
Her expertise evolved into retained roles in communication, content creation, and campaign management for IT firms, financial services, and non-profits over another decade. One might wonder, given her impressive credentials, why she faced challenges in securing a job after moving to Canada.

How I found Shilpa during her job search journey?

I had the pleasure of connecting with Shilpashree Jagannathan, thanks to our mutual acquaintance, Vasanthi Hariprakash, an esteemed journalist known for her impactful storytelling in India and the founder of Pickle Jar. Shilpa is a Toronto-based mom with a passion for freelance journalism, particularly focused on South Asian topics. Today, I am honoured to see her serve as a community marketing manager for TheNextInnings.
When Shilpashree texted me seeking assistance in her job search after her contract with her former employer concluded, it affirmed that I’m recognized as someone who helps immigrant women find jobs in Canada. The text was quickly followed by our coffee meeting, which soon turned into a heartfelt discussion about the challenges faced by immigrant job seekers in Canada.
Listening to her journey, which included numerous informational interviews, media stories, interviews, resume revisions, and networking efforts, I couldn’t help but offer her a role at The Next Innings. I saw in her the potential to empower women like herself in their job search.
Since then, Shilpashree’s dynamic marketing efforts have resulted in an impressive turnout of about 75 women in each of our CG sessions over the past three months. This growth is a testament to her dedication and passion to help women break barriers while finding jobs, and the value she brings to our community. Besides working with us, she also works for Financial Technology Frontiersas a freelance content strategist, a start-up founded by Babu Nair.
The Next Innings is a pioneering social enterprise committed to empowering women in North America seeking to re-enter the workforce after a career hiatus. As Shilpa leads the efforts to create a first cohort of 100 women of job seekers in Ontario, I am proud to say that TheNextInnings.com stands as a unique diversity partner for North American tech companies. We provide tailored skilling programs and invaluable support, thereby closing the gap between experienced professionals and companies eager to tap into a diverse talent pool.

Join the Movement

At TheNextInnings.com, we’re on a mission to redefine the future of women’s careers. If you or someone you know is eager to embark on this transformative journey in IT, sign up for our program using this link.
Let’s revolutionize women’s careers in the Information Technology sector. Together, we can build a more inclusive and empowered workforce.

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